Company to produce brand senior security door、Fire door door products and other ancillary pieces for the main business, The company was founded in2003Years,Cover an area of an area6.67Million square meters,The construction area3.2Million square meters,Now has staff700More than one,The output value4.5Hundred million,To pay taxes6000Wan。Company introduction of South Korea advanced production equipment,Adopt international advanced production technology,At home and abroad and combining the kinds of product development trend and the south and the coastal city of market needs,Designed and developed series of high-grade new products,Enterprise by science and technology commission identified as high-tech enterprises in hunan province,The company product was identified as high-tech products。Through the enterpriseISO9001Quality management system certification,To go throughISO14001Environmental management system certification,The trademark by the state administration of industry and commerce recognized as China well-known trademark,Exit won the title of China famous brand product,Won10Main products of the national patent gold medal“Brand’Exit by strictlyGB17565-2007The national standard production,In accordance with the fire doorGB12955-2008The national standard production,And through the ministry of public security professional inspection institutions。

Nanjing thick full trade co., LTD., affiliated to the nestle co., LTD,Product major brand share among the best in China,Products cover all over the country and among the national capacity in the same industry top row,Is known as“The king of the door”。

2010Years, and the combination of asaph,For the development of the injected new vitality,In the platform of asaph and lai group,Will get a better development, In a more reliable quality,More professional service,More exquisite craft,More advanced technology to create excellent quality for Chinese clients,The construction of classic works!

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The name:Nanjing thick full trade co., LTD
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Welcome to inquire and order, hope brand series products,Manufacturer to order a lower price,After better!Long brand series
Product warranty year lifetime guarantee product after-sales service。Long security door maintenance please call top after-sales service,
Company personnel related certificates,Complete open long warranty repair

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