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  • Underwater vehicle salvage
    Underwater vehicle salvageUnderwater vehicle salvage is also known as salvage of underwater vehicle、Different names such as car salvage drowning。Refers to as the traffic accident causes such as the water fishing,
  • Underwater salvage vehicle
    Underwater salvage vehicleWith the continuous improvement of our domestic economic level,Many families have bought private family car,So our country at present the domestic automobile total quantity and per capita quantity
  • Underwater reinforcement bar and drilling
    Underwater reinforcement bar and drillingUnderwater reinforcement bar and drilling process  Line position→Drilling→Wash the hole→Note glue →Planting bar→Curing curing→Pull-out test→Tie bar pouring concrete
  • Based underwater bridge reinforcement
    Based underwater bridge reinforcementIn recent years,Bridge safety accident frequency,Industry to strengthen operational testing bridge,Found that when the bridge test have been completed,Part of the underwater pile foundation is steel


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Henan xinxiang hongyuan diving engineering co., LTD,To be engaged in diving industry for more than ten years of professional diving team。Company with independent legal person qualification,The registered capital500Ten thousand yuan。What is the main business of company:The main diving company、Underwater salvage、Underwater detection、Underwater installation、Water plugging、The underwater repair、Underwater desilting、Underwater cutting、Underwater construction、Underwater engineering, etc,The divers of the company、Diving inspection personnel、Diving welding personnel have been properly trained,All hold qualification certificate issued by the domestic authority。My company's underwater welding professional and reliable,Good quality,Very skillful,Underwater welding steel pipe piles,Underwater welding zinc sacrificial anode block,Underwater welding beam connection,Underwater sealing welding, and so on construction,Reasonable quotation,Refused to huge profits,Serve you wholeheartedly!The company insists on“Advanced technology and equipment.Quality of service quality.Efficient service efficiency.Enthusiastic service attitude,Management idea for production,To refuse to profiteering reasonable fee for the principle based on the national market。We will with high quality products and perfect after-sales service to make gold brand。Wish to cooperate with old and new customers、Mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit、Create brilliant!Professional underwater welding engineering,Underwater welding reasonable quotation,Hongyuan steel cofferdam dredging company-Professional underwater welding engineering,Underwater welding reasonable quotation,The steel cofferdam dredging company,Professional underwater welding engineering。

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