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manbetx官网电脑版City pharmaceutical machinery co., LTD is located in China's largest border city,Has the glorious history in the world to resist U.S. aggression and city-manbetx官网电脑版,Enterprises located in the downtown area17Wulong at the foot of the mountain of km of beautiful scenery,Has many years of underground hot spring resources here,Highway、Railway transportation is very convenient,Is healing、A holiday、Good place for leisure。

Our company is engaged in pharmaceutical machinery production more than 30 years,For the national pharmaceutical industry for many years、Chemical plant、Food factory and other enterprises to provide a large number of various devices。Enterprise from a single product development to the present nine varieties of more than 40 series products,Mainly for the tablet form a complete set of production equipment。Over the years has won the provincial excellent product award、National product prize honor,Certificate will be recognised province quality technology supervision bureau,At the same timeISO-9001International quality system demonstration。Products are sold to 27 provinces and cities all over the country,Establish a good sales market,As the main market in northeast area,And across the country。Some of these products are exported to north Korea and southeast Asia,Products are exported to laid the foundation for the company。The company has many years medicine machine production experience,Engineering technical force is abundant,The processing equipment is complete,The range of products for a variety of pharmaceutical equipment,There are mainly:Boiling drier、Mixing machine、Pellet machine、The whole machine、Mill、Sugar coating machine、Screening machine、Two dimensional mixer、Three-dimensional mixing machine、Hot air circulation drying oven、Coating machine、Tablet press、Step granulating machine、Packaging machine、Colloid mill、The centrifuge and other series。

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  • The award for the best innovative products enterprises in liaoning province
    The award for the best innovative products enterprises in liaoning province
  • The award for the best innovative products enterprises in liaoning province
    manbetx官网电脑版The city high and new technology enterprise
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manbetx官网电脑版Pharmaceutical machinery co., LTD

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