Company profile

         Jiangyin jaguar, the petroleum machinery co., LTD Jiangyin da yi precision forging co., LTD)In2008Years3Month was established,Is located in jiangyin chengjiang town industrial clusters(The southern district)Oblique road10Number。Mainly engaged in the following three types of products manufacturing、Processing、Sales。
          A、Drilling tools、The tool joint、Oil drilling accessories manufacturing、Processing。
          2、All kinds of flange ring、Bearing ring、The ring gear grinding ring manufacturing processes。
          3、All kinds of automobile forging such as automobile shaft tube、Flange、Connecting rod forging processing production, etc。
          The company has a hot forging、Hot stamping、Heat treatment and mechanical processing capacity,Especially good at deep hole hot stamping、Grinding ring and small precision forging,Thermoforming USES advanced forging technology makes products of coining materials、Fine shape、Metal flow is more reasonable。So as to improve the mechanical properties of the product and the bearing capacity。
          The range of the equipment:8000KN...

    The quality policy

    After-sales service

    •        Jiangyin jaguar, the petroleum machinery co., LTD(Da yi precision forging co., LTD)Provides the industry with high quality production Equipment,In order to ensure the customer can be efficient and easy to use our equipment,Hereby specifically set up after-sales service department。
      Is an after-sales service department...[In more detail>>]

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