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Software custom development

Due to the mature software system of the market,Function can't meet the demand of enterprise or the price is too high,And the reason for industry characteristics,Enterprise need according to the specific requirements and special software custom development。Custom software compared with common software,Can greatly improve the funds utilization、Improve employee's work efficiency、Reduce the cost、With the existing business。

Zunyi art software co., LTD., the development of team members,Has many years of financial institutions、The government、Enterprise software development experience,Welcome customers to come on-the-spot investigation,Company will be tailored for you,With high quality、Efficient software developed is suitable for your business needs,Improve your work efficiency,Your satisfaction is our success。

Web site design

Have their own professional web site,For enterprises to improve their own quality、Opened up new channels, enhance market competitiveness。Enterprises can make full use of their own websites,Collect and publish business information,Conducting external exchanges,For all kinds of electronic commerce、Network marketing business practices。 The government perform their functions to the public through website、Implement administrative information public、Service enterprises and the public、Interact with the public communication indispensable important way。

The web design is very important to improve enterprise brand image。Company will according to the enterprise hope to give information to visitors(Including product、Service、Concept、Culture),Web site planning function and a series of professional action,Then the page design beautification,The final form the content of the site。

Plug-in development

Plug-in is a kind of follow certain standard application interface written procedures,Its depend on the particular program,But not from a specified program running alone,Because the plug-in needs to call the function library or data provided by the original pure system。Many software have a plug-in,There are countless kinds of plug-ins。For example, inIEThe browser,After the installation of related plug-ins,The browser can read id information directly by card reader automatically fill in the form to save the input time。Plug-in the positioning of the platform is developed for the original pure system、Application software platform does not have the function of the program。If you have such a demand please contact us。

System upgrade

With the development of the business,Many of the old software system has been running in the enterprise is not adapt to the needs of the new business,The high cost of developing a new system,Proper transformation to the old system,Ensure the continuity of the business is a feasible scheme。

Zunyi art software co., LTD. Will send senior staff on the ground,In-depth investigation and analysis,According to the customer's requirements,Give detailed reconstruction scheme and Suggestions。

Introduction zunyi art software co., LTD

Zunyi art software co., LTD is a professional engaged in software development and services in a software company,The company has first-class software product design and development team,Focus on the core technology and research and development with independent intellectual property rights of software products,To provide customers with advanced、Practical、Reliable information technology service。

Company with“Attentively service,To create value”As the core concept,Dedicated to provide customers with the most excellent enterprise informationization and e-commerce solutions。Company depending on the service life for the enterprise,Depending on the customer is the foundation of the enterprise,In order to“Customer satisfaction=His success!”。 Talent is the enterprise based on this,The company has senior professional and technical personnel,Our developers have many years experience in development of large and medium-sized projects,Can effectively cope with various complex requirements,The company based on advanced project management and knowledge management patterns,To provide customers with quality products and services。

We are enhancing the product performance,Real cost savings for the enterprise to create value!Is willing to work with our customers hand in hand to move forward,Create brilliant!

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